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Wells Stone Development

Architectural Project Scope of Services:

Define program and create space plan for 1350 square foot tenant build-out. Program requirements: an impressive lobby & reception area, an open, yet private luxury conference room with full buffet service counter, accessible sink, and library shelving/millwork; two executive offices, one small office, and open employee work area that was hidden from clients.â¨â¨

Custom Interiors Scope of Services:
Select and place all furnishings, art, and accessories; select finish materials and colors, specify glass wall enclosure, design custom cabinetry/millwork and finishes, and coordinate wall coverings.

â¨*Marble flooring and Persian rug- not in contract- selected and supplied by client.

"My company had a great experience working with Tara Imani Designs, LLC, for the space planning and design of our commercial space. The shell's overall space was a challenging shape and it seemed to me that not much could be done to improve it.

But, she created magic and turned that hard to deal with space into a great spacious office suite that makes sense and makes the place feel much larger than what it was. Tara also selected the professional, warm color scheme and furnishings. It is a very classy and inviting place to do business. I would highly recommend her for any job."

- Bijan I., President and CEO

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